Oh my poor blog how I have been neglecting you! The quality of our relationship suffers due to lack of camera. And of course those applications…

I churn through Obectives and Outcomes like a well oiled machine, and so my purpose becomes modulated to a tight schedule of in and out, call and response, with no time to dally or deviate. I am reminded of Boris Groys’ beautiful essay ‘The Loneliness of the Project’, as I sit here in the fluorescent silence of an office Sunday procrastinating on yet another application to be done by tomorrow. I have built so many possible futures these last few months I could fill a whole archive of Groys’ parallel history.

But I do begin to see an end to this moment of bureaucrazy. There are some new idiosyncracies, some productively inefficient spaces stretching at the rhythm of the machine. The feedback loop loses its tight return and begins to swing beyond the scope of dot points and the 5 o’clock post.

All this focus on ins and outs strips me back to a lucid obsession with the outcomes of my own body. Consumption, waste, shit. What is the work of an artist? What is it that I produce in the world? I began thinking about my personal carbon emissions and have been collecting my breath in garbage bags. Maybe if all the possible futures collapse I can feed my bags of breath into a green house and sell carbon credits for a living.


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    [...] have been developing on the breath as waste idea that I touched on a few months back. See here. I found a resuscitation mask that had a unidirectional valve set-up for isolating the in and out [...]

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