fragments of California

A conductor on the Caltrain, ying yang ear plugs and bright toy train braces, talks incessantly holding the doors and calling after each conversational conquest as they disembark. “A couple of years back I bought 250 knives for 200 bucks. They were Chinese but still! There was a sword that I hung on the wall, Christmas presents, ones with hooks on that you could gouge people with… the lot! You name it! Only 198 bucks for a 250 piece set!”

A sign on Highway 1 advertises ‘Sedation Dentistry’.

My student wears thigh high boots and drives a red Mustang sports car.

Last week we drove out to the redwoods and the coast. The trees are twisted round with deep bark funnels that milk the sea fog from canopy to roots. We walked up to a trickle labelled ‘Waterfall’ and found a handful of banana slugs. At the coast there was a seal washed up on the rocks. We watched the dark roll in and then headed home.

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  1. Leigh Says:

    Beautiful writing my love.

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