tomorrow was a long time coming

I finally got a chance to return to my urea distillation project this morning. I have had the halfway product, a crystalline mass of evaporated urine, sitting in my fridge for over a month now… The next step:

“Pour at different times upon this mass four times its weight of alcohol, and apply a gentle heat; a great part of the mass will be dissolved and there will remain only a number of saline substances.”

“Pour the alcohol solution into a retort and distil by the heat of a sandbath, till the liquid, after boiling some time, is reduced to the consistence of thick syrup. The whole of the alcohol is now separated and what remains in the retort crystallizes as it cools. These crystals consist of the substance known by the name of urea.”

Backyard chemistry – an electric frying pan, converted claypot still and part of my neighbor’s sandpit. Now waiting for it to cool. It still really stinks though. I thought pure urea wasn’t supposed to smell of anything much. But I suppose this isn’t exactly the cleanest of methods…

2 Responses to “tomorrow was a long time coming”

  1. PC Says:

    I can almost smell it…From past experience in using this kind of clay pot (for other things) I know that the smell will linger for a long time…

  2. AD Says:

    That top photo will have me looking at (or should i say smelling) my cappucinos twice.

    Very disturbing, but I take my pee with two sugars.

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