Art imitates life. Life imitates art. And its all shit….

Experiments with galvanotactic bacteria.

Galvanotaxis refers to the phenomenon whereby an organism moves in response to an electrical current. In this project I am working with E-coli, one of the most common bacteria used in the life science. E-coli has been shown to move in a current – either towards the anode or the cathode, depending on the particular strain of E-coli.

galvanotaxis in E-coli

The reason that I am interested in using E-coli is because it lives in the human large intestine and makes up approximately 30% of our faeces. As a result it is possible to make a work that comments on the ‘strange and amazing capacities of shit’. I think this has humor value and it also brings focus to bear on the abject, messy aspect of biological life.

I went and got some samples of a few strains of E-coli that are known to be highly motile to see if I can get the galvanotactic phenomena to manifest on a perceivably macro scale.

E-coli culture plates

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