When Do I Hire a Tree Service?

Lots of people ask us this question. When should I hire a tree company to come and cut down our tree? It is a great question that lots of people ask when thinking about cutting down a tree. We have decided to come up with a list of questions for home owners to ask when they are thinking about taking this dangerous task into their own hands.

Do I know what I am doing? This is another great question to ask. A lot of guys believe they can do anything including cut down trees. Yet, they do not have the first clue of how to do it. Do you know how to run a chain saw? Do you know how to cut a tree so that it falls in the right direction? If you feel like you are inexperienced in these areas, then it is best to hire a tree service company. If you feel like you still want to cut down a tree, then make sure you check out You Tube videos like this one here. This will get you a feel for how a chain saw runs as well as how to use it. It is extremely important even after you watch the video to ask yourself again if this is something smart that you need to be doing. Chain saws are dangerous. They lead to lots of people getting hurt or injured or even killed every year. Please do not take this lightly. It will have life altering effects on your life.

Do I have the right equipment? A lot of people simply do not have the right equipment to cut down trees. They might have a saw or something small. However, if you do not have a chain saw, then you will be there forever. If you do have a saw, it can be difficult to fall a tree in the direction that you want. Also, do you have the equipment you need to get to the tree to cut it down. Lots of companies have lift units that will elevate them away from danger if the tree ends up falling on or near them. These lift units can be the difference of being able to get high above the tree so that you can piece cut it down as oppose to having to fall the whole tree. It gets much more dangerous when you do this. Anyway, if you are thinking about doing this on your own, Home Depot does have lifts that you can rent at an affordable price that will do the trick. Again, it needs to be said that this is also something very dangerous and you need to take precaution.

Do I have the resources to pay for something if it goes wrong? This is the ultimate question that eventually decides it. Lots of people feel like they can’t afford tree services. However, have you ever thought about the cost of doing it yourself? For instance, what are the costs if the tree falls on your house? How do you pay for it? Would it be better to pay a tree company to cut the tree down and protect yourself or would it be better to pay for the damage the tree does? What about your own personal safety? What happens if the tree falls on you or a limb knocks you down? All of these things need to be thought through as you make your decision. Here is a helpful tree company that has through this topic and gives an informative aid on their website. You can find there website here- http://www.treeservicesdesmoines.org/

If you find yourself needing help with asking questions like these with regard to your tree service needs, then please give us a call to see how we might be able to help you.

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